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Annual Maintenance Contract


One realizes the value of an AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) only when one faces a computer emergency. Find instant and cheap solutions to computer emergencies like hard drive crashes, viruses, monitor on the blink, power fluctuations, and lots more right here! Pay for an annual AMC on your computer and get peace of mind. Get cheap AMC estimates on your computers, PCs, laptops, netbooks and lots more. Find the best local AMC contracts and computer experts right here at BD-ZED COMPUTER.

1. Unlimited door step visits.
2. 4 to 24 Hours support Guarantee.
3. 100% Resolution guaranteed.
4. Support for all brands. Dell, HP, HCL, ACER, SAMSUNG, LG,
5. Microsoft, Apple etc.
6. FREE Remote Support .
7. 365 Support, 7 Days working.
8. Quarterly System Performance Checking.
9. On-site support.
10.Virus and malware removal / Firewall Support.
11.Internet Support / Security Support.
12.Computer repair and diagnostics.
13.Email & Email Client setup.
14.Windows troubleshooting.
15.Speed up a slow computer.
16.Add / Remove Computer Hardware.
17.Printer Maintenance.
18.Monitor maintenance.
19.Network Troubleshooting.
20.Virus Protection and Virus Removal.
21.Single Window Support to all your PC Repair Needs.
We have a technically sound team to take care of our AMC service. We give door-to-door service and are fully equipped to meet the power service requirements of our customers with varied needs. We adapt ourselves with updated technology to meet the ongoing demands in the market. Our contracts help save maintenance costs and reduce the breakdown time. Depending upon the product and client requirements we offer AMC for 1 year. It will be renewed every year.


. Saves from unexpected failures and repairs
. We offer 365 days and 24/7 support.
. Highly reliable and planned services for your products
. We offer AMCs for our products, competitor products to support our clients.


The detailed terms & conditions are as follows:

The terms of the service, as per this contract will be in accordance with offer as above. This shall be a Service Level Agreement. The Contract does not cover the equipment / parts which may have been damaged due to misuse, negligence, accident, wear tear, pests, fire, water and other natural calamities etc. Should any unauthorized person be permitted to access the database or installed applications, software/hardware under agreement and in the event of failures, support shall be on chargeable basis.
The above-mentioned contract does not include the data entries, software customizations, data corruption, data recovery or lost data due to virus attacks if any. However, we ensure that all necessary steps will be taken to ensure proper functioning of the system.
Should any unauthorized person be permitted to undertake repairs of the equipment under agreement in the event of failures, replacement or repairs shall be on chargeable basis. In case of failure of parts or equipment it shall be tried that defective parts are repaired at site, however in case of inability to do the same shall be required to be brought back to our works for repairs. The defective part shall be repaired and not replaced.
The Company shall not be liable for any delay in rectifying the system due to non-availability of spares.
This Annual Maintenance Contract does not include shifting and reinstallation of equipment.
This AMC does not include shifting and reinstallation of the application on other machines. However, reinstallation of the application software/hardware, if supplied by us will be governed by our offer as above.
In event of failure due to the PC machine that has not been supplied & supported by us, we shall not be held liable for repair or delays in support.

Documents Required:

1. Purchase order 2. Letterhead of the Company 3. Address proof only (For Home Users)

Note: Payment has to be paid in advance every six months. For more info, visit or call +91 9903254972 /9830753520

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