Email Marketing: Affordable Internet Marketing Technique

Email Marketing: Affordable Internet Marketing Technique

Email marketing is labeled as a killer method when it comes to effective low-cost Internet marketing endeavors. This is because it is the most widely-used and has the best reputation in bringing targeted traffic to websites. It is used to stay in touch with your customers or prospective customers, send out invitations, or make special offers.

It’s as easy as writing an e-mail that may be in a form of a newsletter or a plain announcement, and sending that to as many targeted recipients as possible. However, there’s an ideal way of going about it. Email marketing is not just about writing any email that you will be sending to anybody. To clarify that, here are some simple tips in doing email marketing the best way possible.

  1. Join the “Can Spam” campaign.

Email marketing is not at any rate tantamount to spamming. You are not supposed to send information that your email list will not have any valuable use for.

  1. Make your email list open it.

Your email might get lost together with the hundreds of emails that inbox owners are confronted with everyday. Improve your subject line by using extra white space creatively, adding text symbols, starting each word with a capital letter, asking compelling questions, not making any unbelievable claims, and not using the word FREE.

  1. Keep it real.

Not including any too good to be true statements is not only applicable to your subject line. Your email content must never embody any promise your business can’t keep. Make your offer genuinely of value to your recipients.

  1. Don’t go too low.

If you inform your customers regarding discounts, minimal discounts are not that effective compared with substantial discounts. But never offer discounts that are lower than your profit. It will defeat the purpose of this email marketing effort.

  1. Make it eventful.

It’s not about contradicting the advice that you should keep an email short and sweet. This tip is on including seminars, conferences and other events in your email. Businesses that require training benefit much from this method. With these RSVP-requiring emails, repetition is important. Just make sure that an ample interval is considered before sending out a reminder email.

  1. Post news.

Sending newsletters and postcards provides useful information for your subscribers. These are the best forms of reaching out to your customers or prospects. You should keep the information short, simple and direct to the point for this feat to be effective.

With these simple ways of going about your email marketing endeavor, your business will prosper in no time.

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Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Automobile Companies

Best Digital Marketing Strategies For Automobile Companies

Used car advertising is a huge opportunity for auto dealers in India. Digital marketing providing a better platform for used car dealer marketing. Now a day’s everyone is using Digital Marketing to generate leads. Follow these digital advertising best practices to get the most from your investment.

With 9 in 10 car shoppers using the internet as a source of information while researching for there dream car. A better Digital Marketing strategy can generate better leads for dealership. Dealerships ask themselves daily, “How can we make better use of our marketing and ultimately sell more cars?” The Best answers ? Used Digital Marketing in auto advertising. 


People spend more time researching cars than shopping on the spot, and 75% of that research time is spent online. Most of these researchers plan to spend 1 hours or less at the dealership, making it crucial to win over shoppers long before they visit the dealership. Buyers want to see available inventory without having to visit a dealership. Proper digital advertising makes this happen.


Practical researches shows that:

  1. 1/3 of total buyers know the exact vehicle they want to purchased
  2. Used buyers spend 21% more time researching cars online than new buyers
  3. Used car buyers do 92% of their research online


Methodical approach to Digital marketing is a great way to promote and sell used vehicles quickly . An used vehicles typically present higher margins for dealers than new vehicles. These used buyers are also more often low-funnel shoppers, meaning they have a strong idea of what they want and are closer to purchase when they click on an ad.

Within a shorter sales cycle, dealerships can enjoy better Return on there investment.


By delivering on the promises in your ads, dealership can build trust with there customers. This is especially important for car buyers who already have a good idea of the make and model they want to buy.

To create proper and effective advertising campaigns for your used car inventory, get the most from your budget, and generate more leads, do the following:


Because EVERY buyers know the exact make and model they want to purchase, your ads must reflect the specific models you have in stock. For example, rather than telling customers that you have “Bolero for Sale,” advertise your inventory of “Used 2016 Mahindra Bolero.”

By advertising the vehicles on your lot, in a proper way you’re more likely to attract the right customers who are ready to make a purchase. With vehicle-specific ads in place, provide as much detail as possible and must match ads to your inventory to set a strong customer relationships.


The more specific ad is, the better. You can make it easy on buyers by forming a set of picture taken from all angle including interiors of of the used vehicles you have in your stock. Detailed ads are more credible to your prospective customers, enticing them to click. Details must include :-

  • Year
  • Colour
  • Quantity in stock
  • Price
  • Tax Paid
  • Insurance Validity
  • Other Details Such as Driver air bag, Passenger air bag, Anti lock brakes, Child safety locks, Air conditioning, Power steering, Power windows, Power door locks, Central locking, Steering adjustment, Alloy wheels, Audio system, Cup holder, Tubeless tyres, Leather seats


Your car specific ad must match your inventory present in your at the dealership. If it doesn’t, you’ll be wasting both clicks and investment on advertising for a car that’s not in stock or has already been sold. If used car buyers finds that any information on an ad is wrong, or worst or that the car has already been sold, you risk losing both a sale and a relationship with that customer. Your ads should be must updated daily to stay synchronised with your inventory to avoid wasting money and loosing customers.


As you know, not all car buyers are alike. Some are looking for a particular make and model, some want to buy a car from a local car dealer, and some want a particular type of service. But these buyers all have one thing in common: they rely on the Internet.

In this modern day and age, potential vehicle buyers use search engines to find the right dealer. The dealers they find are the ones who know how to use a search engine in their marketing. Are you one of those dealers?

People don’t have time to browse through endless websites to find what they want. They’ll look at two, maybe three, and ignore the rest. In fact, 80 percent of all search engine clicks go to the first three results.

That’s the main reason why SEO is so important for car dealers. Here are a few others:


SEO isn’t a one-time task. It’s an ongoing process in which you continually strive to boost search engine rankings, and it requires time and dedication to do it properly.

Your auto dealership needs to do the same, or at least get help from experts who understand SEO for car dealers. If you don’t think you can implement these SEO strategies on your own, get in touch with an Internet marketing agency. 


The first step to any strategy is to understand what you want out of your efforts. Social media marketing isn’t about flipping a switch and calling it a day. Instead, social media planning should be looked at like cooking your favorite dish.

Social media can play an important role in generating more leads for your used car dealership. You must have a Business page for your car dealership in all the social media platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn , Twitter, Instagram, etc. Must follow the guidance mentioned in the post to advertise on daily basis. Facebook also provides a extra features put your inventory online such as Marketplace and Shop. Daily basis posting to different groups and using sponsor add car dealership can generate a good lead 


a) Build your own list. 

b) Adhere to the rules of the CAM-SPAM Act. These rules include having a non-deceptive subject line, a method of unsubscribing, and your name and address at the end of the emails. 

c) Don’t just send out ads to buy all the time. Use your emails to build rapport with customers by sharing your expertise and/or that of others, giving them tips and insights they can value. Share information that lets them know more about you and/or your company if it’s interesting.

d) Treat your list well. 

e) Stick to a schedule if you’re doing a newsletter. Sending email on a regular day or days can help your subscribers know what to expect from you and when.

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