10 Best Bing Trending Image Prompt Examples

10 Best Bing Trending Image Prompt Examples

Before we explore some exemplary outputs from the Bing Image Creator, let’s take a moment to delve into this extraordinary, free AI Image Generator by Microsoft. Recently, they’ve made the Bing Image Creator accessible to all. This impressive AI instrument allows you to create images using text prompts. Just depict a scene in words, and the AI will promptly produce images corresponding to your description.

To make use of the Bing Image Creator, all you need to do is visit the designated website and start creating breathtaking images. Its functionality is comparable to other AI Art Generators, processing images with remarkable speed.

1. Prompt :

” Create a 3D HD illusion for a profile picture where a 25 Year old cute boy in a Blue shirt brown jeans Sitting casually on a Wingback chair. Wearing sneakers, he looks ahead and golden small king crown on head. The background features “BD-ZED COMPUTER” in big and capital White neon light fonts on the dark grey wall. There should not be his shadow, and there are wings to make it appear as if he is an angel.”

2. Prompt :

” Create 3D illustration featuring a realistic Boy, age of 35 casually sitting with blue apple MacBook beside of a modern social media logo, specifically green ‘whatsapp’. The character should looks like he is graphic designer and video editor. Background of image should showcase social media profile page with real data. Username of correct spelling ‘BD-ZED COMPUTER ” and a matching profile picture. He have 5M followers. Boy with short beard and transparent glasses similar.”

3. Prompt :

A 35 year old man wearing an orange shirt with ‘Jay Narayan’ written on the back, sitting in front of the Lord Ram temple at sunrise in a realistic style with vibrant colors in 3D HD.”

4. Prompt :

” Create A 3D HD illustration of a 35-year-old man sitting casually in front of a birthday cake. The man is wearing casual modern clothing such as jeans, a jacket, and sneakers. The background of the image is a party theme for a birthday. The birthday cake has ‘JAY NARAYAN’ written on it. The image should be realistic and have vibrant colors.

5. Prompt :

” Create a 3D HD illustration of a 35-year-old man in a blue hoodie sitting casually on a Blue BMW Super car and wearing jeans, jackets, sneakers, and sunglasses. The background features “Your Name” in big and capital Yellow neon light fonts on the dark grey wall. Make it more realistic and vibrant color. “

6. Prompt :

” Create a 3D HD illustration for a profile picture of an 22-year-old couple sitting comfortably in a wing chair. The boy is wearing a green shirt pants and sunglasses, and the girl is wearing a red saree and sunglasses. He is looking ahead. “King” and “Queen” are written in large font on the black wall in the background. Make it more realistic and vibrant colors. “

7. Prompt :

” Create a 3D illustration featuring a realistic 30-year-old boy busy developing software in front of a 3D logo of “YouTube” The boy wearing a red & white casual shirt, with glasses, with headphones, The background of the image should showcase a social media profile page and the username “JAY” and a matching profile picture and modify it according to your perspective. Make it more realistic and vibrant colors . “

8. Prompt :

” Create a 3D HD illustration of an animated “male” character casually sitting on top of a “LinkedIn” social media icon. The character must be wearing glasses, a jacket, jeans pants and shoes. The background should be a social media profile page with the username “Jay Narayan” and add “Digital Marketer” next to the username. Also, the profile picture should match with the animated character and make sure the text is not misspelt. Make it more realistic and vibrant color .”

9. Prompt :

” Create A 3D HD illusion of a boy proposing to a girl with a red rose in hand. The background is set in a romantic mood with a sunset and some birds in the sky. The boy is wearing a modern casual dress and the girl is wearing a saree, looking like a princess. The texts “King” and “Queen” are written on the background which is somewhat dark. The image is realistic and has vibrant colors. “

10. Prompt :

” Create A 3D HD design of a vibrant and realistic street market with a food vendor and a man moving around.”

Jay Narayan Maurya

Meet Jay Narayan Maurya, a Google Certified Digital Marketer with over 15+ years of experience. Renowned as a digital marketing trainer, AI expert, web and graphics designer, video editor, and SEO specialist, Jay boasts a dedicated following of 20,000+ at LinkedIn. Beyond his freelancing success, Jay is an author of “Redefining digital marketing with artificial intelligence” . With a unique blend of skills and a passion for innovation, he stands at the forefront of the industry. Join Jay on a transformative journey as he shares insights, techniques, and the latest trends, redefining the landscape of digital marketing for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Video Marketing for Small Business

Video Marketing for Small Business

According to the  CES address of Robert Kyncl, YouTube’s Vice President of Global Content, projected that video would soon drive 90% of all Internet traffic.

Although it sounds crazy but for small business enterprises video open the door of opportunity to educate and market their product to their customers. Small business enterprise can reach their end user of the product very easily and effectively.

But study shows that very few of them able to grab this opportunity due to budget crunch, ongoing expenses and non availability of necessary environment.

Now a day’s its become easier to assign the jobs to digital marketing agency . Digital Marketing Agency market the product of Small Business enterprise in right way in limited budget.

Good quality video is no longer only for large corporate sector. Everyone in their limited budget able to grab this opportunity through different Digital Marketing Agencies available in market.

What’s The Best Kind Of Video To Market Your Business?

Study shows that audience responds to video which is short, informative, simple and regardless of age, race and nationality. Animation video is best answer for that.

1.      Eye-Catching And Attention-Grabbing video for audience.

As for as animation video is concern it uses simple lines, bright colors, and constant movement to keep viewer’s attention and they simply glued to the media screen. We automatically want to watch such video – that’s why it creates more impression on customers .

 2.   video which is more understandable and simple.

Animation is better platform to represent information in a clear and simple manner. Animated video includes charts and graphs that will be easily understandable because they move along with a voice explanation.

 3 . Video which appeals to everyone

Like human actors, animated videos don’t have age, race and nationality. Therefore it attracts to all age groups.

Internet market is increasing beyond boundaries .It attract all types people globally regardless of their age, race and nationality to increase the brand value of your products.

Everyone loves video – from the youngest to oldest Internet user. With this tactic, your small business can reach to its audience, whatever its demographics.

4. Videos which Can Be Used For Any Product, Service, Or Topic

If you are thinking animation is not good enough for products, service or some topics. Your thinking are absolutely wrong. Animated video explain any complex things in easy and simple way and this is more effective for your customers.

5. Videos which is good for Brand Development and within budget

We’re working in a very crowded and noisy online world. Finding ways to stand out and showcase your brand can seem like a difficult task. But statistics show us that there’s still a way to make a difference.

Animation video allows you to integrate logos, color schemes, and brand images into your video according to your product. With animation video it’s possible to use themes and brand icons over a series of videos for ongoing campaign.

6. Videos that can be used on every platform

Animated videos can be used to promote your business on any platform from your website or through different social media like Face book, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Whats app . It can also be used to show your product in trade shows, meetings, and presentations

Planning to have a explainer video for your product or video company profile. Please inquire about our services and video samples.

love to hear your feedback please leave me a comment below with your thoughts.

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